Why I Moved From Blogger To WordPress

Hi guys!!

It’s been a while I know and that deserves a post on its own. For now let’s talk about why I loved the blog.
Have been thinking of switching for a while now and make some changes as well and if you don’t already know I used Blogger and after a couple of weeks I wasn’t quite pleased with a couple of things.
A few people started complaining of not being able to navigate freely on the page and after observing this myself, I did some research and got feedback from a few other blogger friends and then decided to switch. I did so mainly for the following reasons:

– I had very little control over my blog in Blogger, I am already noticing with WordPress that I have more control, power and can technically do anything I want.

– With Blogger there are only a limited set of templates to use, colors and layout can be modified but I can’t create my own layout as opposed to WordPress where I can pretty much decide how I want my blog to look like and this led to the discovery of my next point.

– WordPress is amazing when you are opting for professional blogging with the intention of making it popular and creating impact while Blogger is best for hobbyists.

I think I was meant to get a web developer to help with the move but I ended up moving it myself with help from online directives. I was totally fine with losing some content just as long as I moved; I am still a little surprised I could do it without flinching.
A friend helped with customizing and although it’s still a work in progress, we are taking baby steps and getting the desired results in due time.
I feel like I made the right decision and will enjoy my time in this space more.
Thanks or stopping by, until next time.


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